Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dancing and sort of singing

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- Grampsci, "Baby Driver" Music Mag said...

The internet launch of Solomon "Nick" Blecher's debut single brings to a mass audience the thrilling vocals that fans of his live dates have been buzzing about for two years now. The "A" side is reminiscent of the way the great Steve Winwood – whose "Talking Back to the Night" we STILL can't decipher without a cheat sheet – blurred the line between lyrics and scat singing. Here the classic "Happy Birthday" is realized mainly through a strong andante rhythm and melody, along with some sexy body moves, rather than the actual sounds. But Blecher takes Winwood to the next level on the B side, by turning the very same "Ahhh boooo deeee deeee deeee" into a completely different tune in a rollicking rendition of "ABC".

The rumor mill is churning with talk that "The Wheels on the BUS" is now in production. All we can say to the artist and his producers is to keep it coming! This guy is HOT!