Wednesday, April 28, 2010


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Last spring, Solomon "Nick" Blecher's debut release of "ABC" (with a flip side of "Happy Birthday," of which more anon) rocked the charts with a scat-like rendition redolent of the great Steve Winwood. A(n interminable) year later, the patience of anxious fans has finally been rewarded with a new single - this one a much more developed, subtle affair reminiscent of the musical and existential complexities of Sting. In dropping the standard ending of "w x y and z," Nick evokes the Hegelian's radical sense of historical incompletion (while also, cleverly, leaving the door opening for a subsequent rendition). The failure this time to give us the "B" side only underscores the feeling, though devoted fans can hope he's saving that for his own birthday next week. And in feigning a German accent (remember Sting's pathetic evocation of Bob Marley?) with his "kwoo" and "von't you sing with me", is he conjuring up a message of impending crisis such as we associate with Weimar days? Or is it a message of potential salvation as the Greeks await a bailout from Berlin? Food for thought we usually don't get from such young rockers.

- Grampsci